Who we are

Our Aims, Vision and Mission

Solidarity! is a volunteer student association that promotes and protects the right of health care students and workers to care for life from conception to natural death. Solidarity! was created in response to Victoria’s Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008, which states in Part 2 section 8 that a health care worker with a conscientious objection must refer on, or must be involved if the abortion is an emergency. Both of these tenets are coercive to health workers as failure to comply results in serious penalty. This legislation challenges the independence of the professional - patient relationship, and assumes that abortion is the best therapy every time, which is not supported by high quality evidence.

Students have been the catalyst for revolution, and Solidarity! believes a revolution is needed to rid the health care industries of inferior treatments that compromise patient care and the health worker’s right to conscientious objection. Workers comprise the backbone of society and often throughout history the agitation of workers for their rights has been the catalyst to create a more just society. We envisage a world where individuals can practice free from coercion, discrimination or penalty when protecting life.

The main activity of Solidarity is done in a capillary fashion on campus, effecting a change of attitude in our colleagues from the current anti life norm. As a group Solidarity educates, researchs, mentors, counsels, arrange legal advice and access to professional services as needed by our members and friends. We have a few organised educational events each year. We work with other groups in Australia and overseas to effect the revolution!


Patrons, Executives and Members

Patrons are the guardians of Solidarity. While they do not have any voting power in the election of executives they look over and support Solidarity in its efforts through their knowledge and abilities.

The patron of Solidarity is:
Dr Gerald Fogarty

Executives meet on a monthly basis to organise upcoming events and make plans for Solidarity’s movements.

The other executive positions not included in the diagram above are:
Events Officer
Legal Officer
IT Administrator

The structure of membership to Solidarity falls under two categories:

General Membership: students and workers of the fields of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health

Associate membership : People who recognise and commit to the goals of Solidarity who may aid or seek help in other fields such as law, politics, administration, Information technology, marketing etc.

The Structure of Solidarity is divided into three main levels.